Thursday, February 12, 2009


I just saw a great movie. Wall-E is an animated Pixar movie about a robot who is left on Earth when it becomes too uninhabitable. He winds up saving the day and falling in love, too. Classic story, but with a timely backdrop.

The movie definitely resonated with me. It's theme about choosing "life" over "survival" and hard freedom over sterile sameness is much the same as in 1984/Pleasantville/The Giver/etc. But more pertinent to this particular blog is that it specifically talked about bone density loss during prolonged space travel! It was definitely not scientifically accurate, but for a moment there, I really was concerned that I would wind up looking like the obese former Earthlings because of my participation in this bed rest study!

Then, I realized that woudn't happen and that I'm going to get back in better shape afterward than I am now. Plus, I'm going to do my part so that astronauts know how to deal more effectively with bone density loss and muscle loss.

The real goal, though, that everyone can be a part of is doing your part to prevent the destruction of the world we have now. Recycle! Go Green! Use public transportation! Invest in clean energy! Don't put your lives in the hands of a robot like Wall-E! Chances of him being the hero in a real life situation are a little less than Disney would have you think.

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