Sunday, March 29, 2009

Can I borrow your veins?

Well, we tried today to do a dorsal hand vein test. Nurse M. came again and . . . long story short, 5 sticks later (total sticks = 22), he left. He did a great job, and we even had the cath in on one shot, but it kinked up and he had to pull it out.

He's really good. I hardly have any bruising. It was really not painful at all.

Tomorrow morning we try to do the cardio testing again. These are tests that we were going to do on Thursday, but couldn't.

Meanwhile, I've spent the day playing Guitar Hero and reading in the common room (pictured below). From the common room, you can see the Gulf, and from my bedroom window, I could see two cruise ships today!

Don't be sad for me. I'm still having fun! Monitor K. and I got out a plastic bowling set and played some hospital hallway bowling. We're so silly here. It's so fun! You should come join us!

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