Thursday, March 19, 2009

Too easy Drill Sergeant!

If the days to come are anything like the last two days, this will be a nice vacation. With the exception of cutting off my computer with 8 seconds left in the Baylor Men's first round NIT game (which they wound up winning!), life has been good.

Today my only test was a cycle test to check out my heart and lungs under stress. I had about 13 wires attached to me and was breathing through a huge tube with my nose pinched. One guy kept an eye on an image of my heart, another checked my blood pressure, and a third monitored the CO2 output. It was no picnic, either. Having ridden 15 miles on Tuesday, I felt good going in, but the test was about quickly observing stress levels, not helping me lose weight. The bike's resistance was increased, and I was required to maintain a steady level of activity. I'll be doing it again in a few days.

Beyond that one test, I had 3 more great meals (4 if you count pre-test breakfast and post-test breakfast), the psych dept. came by for a goal setting seminar, we finished a difficult 1000 piece puzzle, I folded my first two origami cranes, watched Iron Man, and am working through my first novel.

Thanks for all the communications! I really appreciate each one!

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