Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lazy Saturday

Ah, the weekend. No different for me than any other day around here. Except for the fact that it's generally quieter because the primary staff gets weekends off, so there's not as many tests run.

In fact, my day has been really quiet. I had my first saliva collection this morning. As soon as I wake up, I'm given a cylindrical wad of cotton and told to make it as spitty as possible. I didn't do a very good job today. There's a learning curve here. There's saliva, and then there's SALIVA. I'm going to do better next time, I promise.

Then I had all morning off. I read some, worked the puzzle some, folded two more cranes, and watched the Baylor men beat Virginia Tech! Woot! Go Bears! They've won two games in the NIT now. On to Auburn (a #1 seed) for their next game.

After a great chicken parmesan lunch with garlic bread and cheesecake for dessert, I had a functional fitness test to record my muscle strength. It was kinda like yesterday's test. I did crunches for 2 minutes, inverted pull-ups, push ups, maxed out a sit and stretch reach, and then maxed out my leg press. (Is 360 lbs. good?)

Poor soul that I am, the rest of my schedule says that I'm now required to eat dinner before bed! Do they think I'm a machine! Don't they know I only have so much time in the day! How can they put this pressure on me!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Too easy Drill Sargent, too easy.

(The photo here is yesterday's turkey dinner. Yum!)

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  1. Hey, Pink - does your Drill Sergeant read this? You'd better watch out, he might get together with Nurses 1, 3, and 4 and make life VERY unpleasant for you.
    Jonathan is going to love the bit about spit. Since he left Harry Potter at school over the weekend, we had to read something else last night, so we read from OH YUCK - THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF EVERYTHING NASTY. Our choice for last night was Body Odor. Did you know that we have 2 kinds of sweat glands - the stinky ones and the non-stinky ones? They have names, but I can't remember them.
    Talk to you tonight...
    Jo (or should I say Mom?)