Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's a race!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, get on your feet! It's time for the first of many Space Monkey races! The races are simple and will require you simply to keep up with this blog and respond to me as quickly as you can when you have the answer to the question that I pose. The winner will receive a super fantastic, heart-pumping, tear-shedding prize.

So, without further ado. Today's first test is -

The first person to contact me (in any way) and tell me what I'm going to have for dinner tonight (use your resources) will receive the first NASA postcard from me, straight to your mailbox! Unless you are certain that I have your mailing address, please also include that when you contact me.

Note: I have lots of postcards and stamps, so if you're not the first, don't fret. You can still get one! Send me your address, the address of your little nephew, your granddaughter, or your mom. I've got lots of time and lots of postcards!


  1. Did you have bbq,macaroni,etc??

  2. I think I just sent my guess by e-mail instead of blog mail. (Okay, I'm something of a luddite. Give me a break!)

    Anyway, I'm guessing lasagna. Am I right?