Sunday, March 22, 2009


It's Sunday, and that means it's time for me to set aside the pressures and work of the week and rest. No jogging around the halls, no breaking a sweat folding origami cranes.

I have to admit, though, that I did my laundry. Yes dear friends. I have labored. I repent. No more laundry on Sundays.

Speaking of repenting, though, I'm using the Book of Common Prayer now. I'm trying to follow it morning, noon, and evening, but I seem to be missing the noontime ones. I'm still new to this. It's only been 3 days. Still, though, I'm really excited about joining in the prayer and worship of millions of others. It's a sense of community that I appreciate a lot in general and especially here.

I had a really quiet day. I worked on the latest puzzle, played a game of monopoly with Yellow, the guy who goes head down tomorrow, read some of Marle's Door (I read The Glass Castle yesterday. Again, thanks Raymonds!), and watched some b-ball. I also made a space shuttle out of clay. Here's a pic.

I can't figure out why the local station isn't broadcasting the Lady Bears' game on tv. They're showing Tennessee instead. Seriously! Can't a girl get a break?

Not to worry, friends who know what a Lady Bear freak I am, I'm watching on my computer. I LOVE high speed internet! The Bears are going to win, and then defend the heck out of the Jackrabbits (who shot at least 16 3-pointers tonight!)!

Sorry to hear about Coach Kim's kidney stone and medicine reaction. What a relief that BU has 3 Hall of Fame coaches on staff!

Boy do I wish I were with my Lady Bear-fan-friends tonight. To those of you in Lubbock, give a Sic Em Bears for me!

Oh, I wanted to show you, too, how strict they are about counting calories. Dessert last night was Famous Amos cookies, and I got a triple decker. It was really a cookie and a half. They untwisted cookie #2 and scraped off most of the icing, stuck the half on the whole, then realized I needed a little more icing, which was put in the little bowl. How funny! (I've also gotten purposely broken pringles chips and halves of pretzels.

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  1. The Glass Castle! That is the name of a book that I have been trying to remember! It comes highly recommended from several - how did you like it?